James Melvin Reinhardt – The Psychology of Strange Killers – 1962


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Springfield: Illinois, Charles C. Thomas Publisher, 1962
Bound in green cloth with an illustrated dust jacket, 24 x 16 cm, 202 pages. English. No illustrations.

Nine individual cases of murder of which seven are “multicides” are discussed by the author. The nine murderers being Robert Bruhm from South Dakota,  Hazel Doss,  Kenneth and Irene Adelle Dudley, Charles Starkweather, Charles Noel Brown, James B. Watson, Melvin Rees, Bonnie Brown Heady and a certain G.L., a case taken from Sex Perversions and Sex Crimes  by the same author. Chapter one contains even from murders and bizarre killings.  Marvin E. Wolgang reviewed the book in the American Journal of Sociology and gives  what I would consider a savage statement: “There is no index, but none is needed”1.

A good copy with a good dust jacket. Book block a bit solied, Old private library label pasted over old library stamp on the title page.



Preface vii

1. The Last Question 3
2. Without “Ancestors” 17
3. “Tender Hearted” 37
4. Only Children 52
5. “Divided Away” From People 88
6. The “Line Was Short” 126
7. Another Follows 146
8. Something “About His Manner” 165
9. On Time 178
10. A “Psychopathic Personality” 190