Modern home: Foire internationale de Gand 1958 – 1958


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Foire internationale de Gand, 1978
Softcover, 28 x 22 cm, 119 pages; illustrations in black and white. French.

With the text le modern home by Edmond Dutry, illustrated with furniture by Dokka-Möbler, Knoll and V-form, the text La Jeune Architecture Belge face a son avenir by Léon-Louis Sosset with architects such as J. Wybauw, J. Thiran, Roger Thirion, Jacques Dolphyn, A. Noterman, P. Coulon, Jacques Dupuis,  Leon Bauduin and SImone Guillissen-Hoa providing images.  The text La Maison Europeenne La Belgique propose une maison moderne a l’Europe about a protoype house. The rest is lots of advertisements, an article on commandos, le 4e Salon des Métiers des arts and a rapport on the 1957 edition.

A reference copy only, corner creased but mainly bent about 3 cm parallel to the spine. Still an interesting period piece that has at least some relations to the world expo of 1958.