Susanne Weirich: All-work-no-play : sets for the collective leisure park.


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Hamburg, Hamburger Kulturbehörde für Bildende Kunst, 1995
Saddle stitched, 30 x 21 cm, 6 pages

Small English/German catalogue for a show of pastiche toys. Let the instructions for use speak for themselves. Text by Matthex Partridge.

Instructions for use
All-Work-No-Play is divided into three categories of work: The German terms “Erinnerungsarbeit”,  “Trauerarbeit” and “Beziehungsarbeit”. The category “Erinnerungsarbeit” includes sets which offer you material for commemorative celebrations. These sets are intended to assist the celebration  and commemoration of certain historical events, e.g. ‘D-Day-See (Nr. 10), ‘Reunification-Day-Set’  (Nr. 90) or major personal experiences, e.g. ‘Birthday-Set’ (Nr. 1), ‘Coming-Out-Day-Set’ (Nr. 7) or
‘Wedding-Day-Set’ (Nr. 30).  The category “Trauerarbeit” encompasses sets which are designed to help you overcome your loss of things, people, feelings and conditions, or which, through the process of active bereavement, allow you to become involved in a state of sorrow. Thus, the ‘Lost-Job-Set’ (Nr. 94) provides basic equipment and a simple opportunity to earn money. Likewise the ‘Lost-Childhood-Set’ (Nr. 62), lost-Inspiration-Set’ (Nr. 13), lost-Key-Set’ (Nr. 17), ‘Lost-Love-Set’ (Nr. 11), lost-Illusion-Set’
(Nr. 24) and so on. The “Beziehungsarbeit” category comprises sets with utensils designed for all situations of human intercourse. These include suggestions for maintaining social norms, like the ‘Say-Sorry- Set'(Nr. 15), while others provide ideas and material for new patterns of encounter, e.g. the 04 ‘Ignoring-Set’ (Nr. 3), ‘Smooth-Sailor-Set’ (Nr. 6) and avant-gardistic forms of sport – the ‘Mickey- Mousing-Set’ (Nr. 5) -Which really add spice to the urban way of life.