The Patriarch association : this is who we are


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Paris, no publisher, 1991
Paperback, 29 x 24 cm, 234 pages

Promotional book for The Patriarch Association, an organisation for drug rehabilitation founded by Lucien Engelmajer. The organisation also played a part in the HIV epidemic. During the 90s the organisation was considered a sect by French authotities and in 2007  charges were brought against it’s founder Engelmajer for money laundering and physical abuse. But little of that matters in this book. Illustrated throughout with pictures of the many domains and activities.  Overview of all publications by the organisation. A few examples of art made by recovering addicts. A great insight into late 20th century drug rehabilitation.

A reasonable copy, wrappers creased, faint traces of moisture to the end and some general wear.
Rare. A single copy located in Poland of all places.