Vice Magazine volume 5 number 1: The Photo Issue 2008 – 2008


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Vice ,  2008
Paperback, 33 x 27 cm, 161 pages. Illustrations in color and black and white. German/English

The 2008 photo issue from Vice.  Neck Face and Me by Chris Shonting ,  Vomit Rehearsal by Lars Sprbekk , Wasted Youth  by Dave Markey, Estonia Today  by Jeroen Arians, Crowded Chongqing by by Joost Pauwaert and Stephanie van de Velde, Two Old Flemish Peasants by Franky Verdickt, Norwegians at Home by Rune Johansen, Animal Town by Jens Mollenvanger, Naomi Fisher, Slumber Séance by Maggie Lee , Tania Leshkina, Pool Party! by Dana Goldstein, Four Naked Women Who Are Not My Wil and One Naked Woman Who Is by Jonathan Black , Antiheroes and Girls by Patrick O’Dell, Aaron Rose , Polaroids; Chefs, Flowers, and Tabards by Luke Stephenson, “Nazi” Youth by Nicola Kast, Roe Ethridge, ‘Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley, Richard Kern  Unpublished Polaroids, 1986-1996, Nippon Eye: Our Favorite Japanese Photographers of Right Now : Kawori lnbe, Jin Ohashi, Kayo Ume, Yoshiki Saitoh. INTERVIEWS WITH: Nobuyoshi Araki, Walter Pfeiffer, Mary Ellen Mark, Harry Benson, Ashley Gilbertson. Rennie Ellis: 1940-2003.

A good copy with some wear to the wrappers.