ZODIAC 2 New series, an international review of architecture. – 1990


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Milan, Renato Minetto, 1990
Softcover, 27 x 21 cm, 220 pages, illustrated throughout in color and black and white, English.

Issue two of Zodiac.

Theatre history and design, 5
Julius Posener
Theatre construction in Berlin
from Gilly to Poelzig, 6
Daniel Rabreau
The theatre-monument: a century
of “French” typology,
1750-1850, 44
Guido Canella
Theatres and pseudotheatres, 70
Theo Crosby
The Globe Theatre:
Shakespeare’s theatre
reconstruction in London, 94
Gottfried Böhm and Stefan Böhm
Concert Hall in Essen, 112
Aldo Rossi and Morris Adjmi
Lighthouse Theatre in Toronto, 124
Guido Canella
Plans for a `teatro di tradizione’ for Taranto, 134
Carol McMichael Reese and Thomas Ford Reese
Böhm, Gehry, Hollein and Stirling in Los Angeles, 157
Gottfried Böhm, 168
Frank O. Gehry, 180
Hans Hollein, 196
James Stirling, 210
Projects for the Walt Disney
Concert Hall
Kurt W. Forster
The snake and the fish on the hill,
according to Gehry’s project, 182

A very good copy.