Boris Artemieff – Taiwan’s Binlang Beauties: Portraits of a culture


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Taiwan, EnjoyLife Publications Co. , August 2005
Bound in illustrated boards, 22.5 x 28.5 cm, 156 pages
ISBN 9789868148505

Boris Artemieff is a self-taught photographer who started learning photography three decades ago at the age of 13 while
working in his father’s darkroom. His career as a chemical engineer for several multinational companies has given him
the opportunity to travel and photograph people and places in many different locations, especially in Asia. At the beginning of
2003 he moved to Taiwan, where he became fascinated by the binlang girls.

Interesting photography project documenting the culture of binlang beauties, sparsely dressed girls selling belet-nuts in small shops all over the country. The author estimates 100.000 betel nut shops are open in Taiwan, sometimes 16 to 24 hours and 250.00 attendants are employed in them.  The first 20 pages of the book goes deeper into explaining this phenomenon. The rest of the book consists of (full-page) colour photographs of the Binlang beauties by geographical location.