The 7 Sensations Of Man – July 1957


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New York, Asterisk Publications, 1957
Staple bound, 28 x 21 cm, 69 pages

A fun spin on the seven sins, illustrated throughout with colour and black and white photographs. Great example of graphic design. See below for a table of contents. A very good copy of this fragile publication.

PHOTO EXHIBIT Volume I Number I July 1957. Published bi-monthly by Asterisk Publications.

BEAUTY photographs by Andre de Dienes
THE SONG OF SONGS Text from the Bible page 1
VIOLENCE photographs by Wee gee
MURDER! A satirical article by the author page 11
LOVE photographs by Leon Levenstein
MAN AND WOMAN Translated from the works of the Japanese
musician-poet Nakimura Page 21
MADNESS photographs by Earl Leaf
additional photographs by Mike Tabb
VOODOO Personal views by Earl Leaf page 29
LUST photographs from the world’s largest
collection of film stills. Courtesy
of film historian Gideon Bachmann
THE INTERNATIONAL ART FILM A commentary by Gideon Bachmann page 41
HUNGER photographs by Peter Buckley
THE FAITHLESS A short story translated from Polish Tales
by Frederick Lansck page 51
FANTASY photographs by Morris Kaplan
DREAM INTERPRETATIONS From case histories by Eric M. Coulter page 59