View 1987: Aspects de la création photographique contemporaine en Belgique/Aspecten van de hedendaagse creatieve fotografie in België – 1987


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Brussel, Éditions du Stratège,1987
Softcover, 30 x 21 cm, 95 pages, illustrations in color and black and white, French/Dutch.

Twenty photographers selected by Alain D’Hooge, published for Salon View 87 in Brussels. The twenty being: Paola Ahn, Dirk Braeckman, Jean-Paul Brohez, Daniel Brunemer, Christian Carez, Pierre Cordier, Marina Cox, Pierre-Frédéric Daled, Carl De Keyzer, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Ludo Geysels, Mario Gigli, Harry Gruyaert, Ben Hansen, Pierre Houcmant, Hélène Martiat, Daniel Michiels, Pierre Radisic, Lucia Radochonska and John Vink. All with a bio in Dutch and French and some examples of the work.  The text Aspecten van de hedendaagse creatieve fotografie in België by Alain D’Hooge as in introduction.